Let's start Tutorial PUBG

The first step is to understand how the macro works, so you can set it up in the best way possible

The macro works by performing backtracking control inside your game, but it does this on your desktop and consequently performs this in the game

Works on the default sensitivity of your game, i.e. value 50 for all sensitivities and the vertical 1.0

When I developed this macro, I thought about how to put multiple functions together in just one executable, in a safe and accurate way.


Let's go to our topics

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We have separated the first questions of our customers

Abrir o menu

How to open menu even after closing it?

On the bottom right next to the clock, you can see the icon of our product, if it is not apparent and most likely is collapsed, after finding it click on it with the right button and school the option MenuKeys

Visible mouse

The script recognizes when your mouse is not being shown on the screen, which makes it more comfortable to use

This means that it will only work when it sees the game’s crosshairs, otherwise it will not execute any controls

How to do it login in your macro

Primeiro de tudo, você precisa saber seu login, será sempre o e-mail de recebimento do macro

Open Adobe.exe, it will inform you a message saying that it will create a configuration file for you, after creating this file, it will inform you an error message saying that you need to open the login menu

Clique no menu aberto, depois disso lhe dará um menu com todas as configurações de seu script

Look for “settings” at the bottom of the menu, find the settings written on button and click on it to open the settings menu and the key editor

All sensitivities should be in the standard

Demonstração de funcionamento
do seu macro.

Slot detection, how to use it?


Choose the macro slot

The macro works with built-in memory, with the 1 and 2 keys on its horizontal keyboard as the keys that store the information

Select a script

After pressing the key for slot 1 or 2, select the script you want to store in the slot, for this see the weapon keys in your configuration menu

Selected Slot and Script

There, after you have chosen which slot and the script of the desired weapon, just have fun now, knowing that every time you press the 1 or 2 key, the macro will tell you which script is stored in it

Let's configure
suas chaves?

Take a closer look at how to set up your hotkeys

The script allows you to edit everything as your hotkeys quickly and easily.

First, you need to know how the macro comes in the default

Keys configured according to the programmer
Shooting with only the left button pressed, can be changed to both buttons
Firing only when the mouse cursor is invisible, in other words, when the crosshair is open

Fire Key configuration


Refers to the left mouse button, leaving the two boxes with this command your mouse will always respond to the left click to perform the recoil control


Refers to the right mouse button, leaving the two boxes with this command, your mouse will always respond to right click + left click to perform the indentation control

By default, the macro is only set to fire with the left mouse button, to set it to both left and right button, toggle as in the video on the button below

Step by step how to use Crouch fire / Firedown

To use this function you need to be using the game setting to hold down.

Attachiments ON

Using the mode with attachiments is very simple

In this mode it is possible to use a red handle (Half Grip) and a compensator with your macro

For this to work, the user’s weapon must have both attachments combined, never separate, and also the key to link the attachments must be pressed, check in the menu