Disable the defender | EN-US

We have created a short tutorial of the step-by-step procedure

Why does it show a virus?

Our product will certainly accuse virus in your computer, this is due to the high encryption of the script, so your antivirus “Firewall” blocks our software accusing it of false positive, which is basically the same as not knowing what the software is about and accusing something random.

Disabling Windows Defender and Firewall
1. To disable Windows Defender, go to start and click on settings;
2. We are in the Windows settings menu. On the left, click Privacy and Security, then Windows Security;
3. Now click Virus and Threat Protection;
4. Here we can handle Windows Defender. Go to manage settings;
5. Click each of the buttons individually to disable the antivirus. When a message appears asking for permission to modify files, press yes;
6. There, you have disabled Windows Defender. Now, if you also want to disable the Firewall, click Firewall and Network Protection;

Do I need to disable the defender?

It is not necessary that your ant virus is deactivated, just put the script in the ant virus exclusion list, thus leaving a bypass for our software to control the recoil, without accusing of false positives.

If a file, file type, folder or process that Windows Defender has detected as malicious is trusted, you can prevent Windows Security from alerting you or block the program by adding the file to the exclusions list.

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