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Welcome to the tutorial Ebits

In this tutorial you will see all about how to register your key.

It is important to know that our system automatically sends it to the e-mail address registered on the site.

We have separated the first questions of our customers


How to use my Key

First open the site and make your registration, after the registration activate your key on the site in the “Actvation key” area, ready now just go back to the home and download the button “download”.


How to open menu?

It is important to know that the user data from full recoil and ebits are different databases, use the ebits data to login.

Download your cheat from, open the executable and enter your login information. After completing the login, it will inform you that it is waiting to open the game.

With the game open, set the video mode to “Full Screen in Window” so that the cheat can work, to open the menu press the HOME key.

Edit your configs

When you log into your cheat, it will generate a default configuration, which can be changed according to client preference.