Welcome to the tutorial for super people

Our script works on the basis of the default game sensitivity

It is important to know that our script works on your desktop, consequently performing in-game control. It may have some instability with ultra-wide monitors

Watch the Video

We have separated the first questions of our customers

Open the menu

How to edit my hotkeys

It is possible to change all hotkeys in the script, just go to the folder where “adobe.exe” is. This and look for the text file config.ini inside it you will find all the settings to be changed.


Which sensitivity should I use?

The script was designed to work on top of the sensitivity of the game pattern

How to do it login in your script

First of all, you need to know your login, it will always be the macro’s receiving email

Open Adobe.exe, it will give you an information screen with user and sensitivity. After that you should fill in as per the data registered on the site, for email is the receiving email address.

View the weapon key information and press the desired script key

Demonstration of operation
of your macro.