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Content Introduction
Understand how the download and configuration works
Login and Binds
Understand how binds work and how to login
RAR password

Frequently asked questions on the side

All macro files for both configuration and sounds are located inside the “Archives” folder, just access it to get all product settings

Pasta ( Archives )
Arquivo ( Guns.ini )

Your login will be inside the file mentioned below, and will have to be replaced by the information (, never placing it in a different line than the one it occupies or changing the position of any content or erasing any information beyond the necessary

Pasta ( Archives )
Arquivo ( Config.ini )

To use a coupon the product must be in the cart, to do this just click buy. After that you will see the coupon area, after that just proceed with registration and receiving the product.

Your login generates a HWID lock, which is nothing more than the ID of your computer, this ID can change with a driver update, parts change.

To get back to using your product, request a HWID RESET on our contact means