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$20,00/ 30 Days

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Aim Bot
Aim Color
Trigger Bot
Auto Stop
Rapid Fire
Bunny Hop
Lider do segmento

Stream mode

Stream Compatible
Fully configurable
Smart Code

No risk

Here you can count on a quality service that does not generate banishment.

Compatible with multiple screens

Our intelligent code identifies your first monitor and focuses all its power on the main screen

Free updates

Regardless of the plan you choose, you receive a free upgrade

Check out the cheat functions

Pulls your sights on the opponent
Aim Color
Aimbot guided by the opponent’s color mode
Bunny Hop
Go jumping around the map with Bhop
Trigger button
Fires as soon as the enemy passes over the crosshairs
Auto Stop
Stop the character to relaunch the shot
Rapid Fire
Shoot faster with rapidfire
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Increase your Kills
Totally legit
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Streamer mode
In-game Menu
Configurable Interface

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24-hour Activation & Shipping

Immediately and at any time, your product is automatically released by the system.

Windows 10, 11

Perfectly compatible on these operating systems

No fidelity

Our product does not have loyalty/recurrent payments, at the end of each period it is necessary to renew the license
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