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The full recoil script requires no installation, it works externally to the game, so it leaves no trace of installation on the user’s computer, for this reason we have been on the market for 6 years.


We have separated some quick questions that we receive in the means of contact

Works with any mouse
Works with any resolution
Fully configurable for customer use
Immediate delivery 24 hours 7 days a week


When there is an update available, the product itself informs you when you log in. After that, all you need to do is log into your account and download the new product.

Usage Policy

All products offered on the site are adjustable to the client’s use, we send a “Default” configuration just for the client’s orientation, he can change it according to his personal taste

Always check if our software is on your antivirus exclusion list, it targets viruses due to the many layers of protection that surround the code
Some software, like WARSAW, blocks the mouse call command in Windows, if you have it on your system, the client must do a Windows boot without it
Monitors with WIDE resolution (2560×1440), may have some problems when using the macro, since it always uses the desktop resolution as the basis for recognition. Don’t worry, the macro still works, but look for support to help you.
HWID – ( Hardware ID ): We use hwid lock to set the script user, if this value changes your login gets locked and a hwid reset will be required, this hwid reset can be done by the user via our 24/7 discord bot, or can be requested via email.
Firewall – As stated above, our script has a very high encryption layer, for this reason your antivirus cannot read our code and determine what it is, so it shows a false positive.

All questions are valid for us, if your question is not in this topic look for us in support and leave your question, it will be shared with all users of this tutorial.

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