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Auto Detected

Ready to set up your macro script? Let's go!

We’ve prepared video and text tutorials to make setting up your product as easy as possible

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Using the script

In this section, we will offer detailed guidance on how to use the script effectively, including best practices and actions that should be avoided

We’ve also listed below some of the main questions we’ve received about the product’s automatic detection feature

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To activate your script, simply run the downloaded file. First, extract the contents of the .rar file using the password ‘fullrecoil’ (all lower case). Remember to extract all the folders included, as they contain essential components for the script to work


Whenever there is a new version of your product, you will be notified automatically when you log in. The update can be easily downloaded directly from the ‘Downloads’ section of your account on our website

Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions

Abri o software, mas ele não o detecta
Para garantir que o software funcione corretamente, é fundamental verificar alguns aspectos. Um deles é verificar se a resolução de sua macro está alinhada com a do jogo. Em outras palavras, é importante que o script esteja configurado para operar na mesma resolução que você usa no jogo.
Avoid clicking on the information and registry window (command prompt)
When you click inside the CMD window, the script is paused immediately. It will need to be reopened. Therefore, avoid clicking inside the CMD window; instead, just minimize and maximize the script window when necessary
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If I close CMD, what happens?
If the user closes the CMD window, the script will be terminated. It is therefore important not to close the CMD window to avoid interrupting the macro
I opened the software, but only a CMD screen is displayed without much information
On first run, the script may remain in a waiting state until it detects an item, such as a weapon, in your in-game inventory. This means that the CMD screen may not show much information initially, as the script is waiting for a weapon to be identified in your in-game inventory